4 Abovyan str., 0010 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

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Hotel location
4 Abovyan str., 0010 Yerevan
Republic of Armenia
Tel: (+374 60) 484444, 484484
(+ 374 10) 56 72 28, 56 72 26
Fax: (+374 60) 484442
(+374 10) 584442
E-mail: reservation@hotelaviatrans.am

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The Hotel Aviatrans (Abovyan str. 4/crossing of Northern Avenue and Abovyan str.) is located in the very heart of Yerevan in the immediate vicinity of administrative, cultural and business institutions, corporate offices or embassies, architectural and artistic monuments. This is the reason why you should get to know the places of interest of Armenian capital right from here.


Within three minutes’ walking distance from the hotel is the Republic Square, architectural center of Yerevan, bordered with a single ensemble of pink-colored tuff stone – the symbol of modern Armenian architecture. Here is where Armenian Ministries, the National Gallery and the Museum of History are located, as well the "Republic Square" metro station. Comfortable underground transport can get you in five minutes near the splendid domes of St. Gregory the Illuminator Church where you can enjoy the mystery of Armenian clerical ceremony and rites. You can get an insight into the treasury of Armenian book art in Matenadaran, museum of ancient manuscripts after Mashtots located within five minutes drive from Hotel Aviatrans.

A ten minutes’ drive will get you to the ruins and the museum of the ancient Urartian town of Erebuny, and within 30 minutes drive you fill find yourself near the ruins of Zvartnots temple (Temple of Vigilant Powers or Heavenly Angels) - an outstanding monument of early medieval Armenian architecture, and the Etchmiadzin Cathedral of Holy Virgin – the religious center of the Armenian people. Zvartnots international airport is located within 15 minutes’ drive from the hotel.

Close location of renowned Vernisage from the hotel, as well as many gift shops make it possible for guests to purchase memorable Armenian souvenirs, unique jewelry and hand-made carpets.

After cultural and historic tours and business meetings our guests can organize an excellent evening with cinema theatre Moscow, Russian Dramatic Theater after Stanislavski, National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Al. Spendiarov, House of Chamber Music after Komitas, as well as numerous clubs and bars located in the vicinity of the hotel. A vast choice of various restaurants with Armenian, Russian, Georgian, Chinese, Mexican, European dishes will satisfy the demands of truest gourmets.

Welcome to Yerevan, to the hotel Aviatrans!

Our contacts

4 Abovyan str., 0010 Yerevan
Republic of Armenia
Tel: (+374 60) 48 44 44; 484 484
       (+ 374 10) 56 72 28, 56 72 26
Fax: (+374 60) 48 44 42, (+374 10) 58 44 42
E-mail: reservation@hotelaviatrans.am, sales@hotelaviatrans.am
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Abovyan Str.(from Aviatrans Hotel to the Republic Square)

View of the Northern avenue

Theatre of Opera and Ballet

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